Wow! It was awesome…
We had an amazing users meeting! See for yourself…

Dear Colleague,

We greatly enjoyed our time catching up with our colleagues, partners, and friends at the AEFIS Users Meeting as part of the Drexel Assessment Conference! We thank everyone for making this such a great week through their participation.

If you were not able to join, know that you were missed and we are counting on you joining us next time. Hope you will enjoy this recap we put together of all our fun and engaging activities.

We love you!

The AEFIS Team

PS – To find out more about our recent AEFIS Users Meeting as part of Drexel Assessment Conference 2019, click here!

Save the Date!

We hope to see you at the next AEFIS Users Meeting in June 2020
as part of the AALHE Conference in New Orleans!

AEFIS Partner Awards

Congratulations to our AEFIS Partner Award Winners at the AEFIS Users Meeting as part of Drexel Assessment Conference 2019! Thank you for positively impacting your campus, colleagues, and many others through your academic leadership of innovatively using AEFIS.

Dr. Colin Suchland
Lincoln Land Community College
Dr. Suchland has provided amazing leadership in assessment at the community college level using AEFIS Solutions. His approach to assessment is refreshing and offers not only assurance and confidence, but excitement with a little bit of humor.

Dana Scott
Thomas Jefferson University

Dana Scott is an assessment advocate not only on her campus, but for leaders in assessment across the country. We appreciate her persistence and determination in implementing assessment best practices.

Dr. Andrew Wolf
University of Rochester
Dr. Wolf has really impressed us and Users with the way he has used AEFIS solutions to map his program and display the levels of learning to capture longitudinal assessment data.

Joe Hawk
Drexel University
Joe Hawk is an invaluable mentor to us at AEFIS. His assessment leadership across Drexel University has enabled our team to grow and improve. We are grateful for his contributions to assessment best practices through his work with stakeholders at Drexel.

Lora Furman
Drexel University

Lora Furman has been an incredible leader during her time at the College of Nursing and Health Professions at Drexel University. Her candid feedback in improving AEFIS Solutions has been invaluable. We will miss her as she moves on to her new role at the University of Pennsylvania.

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