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We are a young and energetic software company, currently seeking to grow our amazing team! In this position, you will have the opportunity to influence and help the continued development of an innovative Software-as-a-Service product that is aiming to revolutionize the way quality is measured in the institutions of higher education here in the US and abroad.
AEFIS Team covering all the bases!
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“A position doesn’t define you, you define the position.”

Key Advice & Primer for Your Success at AEFIS

    • We are Business 3.0; “Outcomes and Evidence based!”
    • Communicate, communicate and communicate; if we don’t communicate, we are not a team, and it takes a team to succeed.
    • Mutual consultation; always ask advice and provide feedback and let the team know how they can depend on you.
    • Be a leader; in your own tasks and beyond, and avoid “it’s not my job” thinking at all costs.
    • Be a global citizen; culturally sensitive and conscientious about our planet
    • Be assertive, self-confident and visible; Think of the three “E s” – enthusiasm, energy and excellence.
If you’re looking for growth opportunities, work here.
Sarah Greene

Director of Business Development, AEFIS

AEFIS is an inclusive, collaborative environment that breeds excellence.
Chris Carbonaro

Marketing, AEFIS

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