Competency Transcript

Imagine creating a direct benefit to your students from continuous improvement and accreditation processes on your campus. Working with Drexel University we stopped imagining and got to work!

Empowering students with evidence of their competencies using existing accreditation and continuous improvement process.

Competency Transcript Pilot with Drexel

Drexel Student Learning Priorities (DSLP) Transcript Pilot Project

In academic partnership with Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, the AEFIS Team is in the process of developing an outcomes transcript report to demonstrate student performance throughout a plan of study. This functionality lends itself to the “extended DSLP transcript” OR “diploma supplement” that will be available to Drexel students through the AEFIS student portal.

AEFIS aligns DSLPs with program outcomes to communicate to students the relationships between institutional goals and their specific disciplines (program outcomes). The data needed to create the transcript is being (or will be) collected and stored in the AEFIS, via the Direct Assessment tools.

The Bologna Process and its use of Degree Supplements under European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is the inspiration behind the proposed DSLP transcript. This approach will provide a meaningful way to communicate educational value-add in courses and other experiences, including co-op, to put Drexel on the higher education map for its unique, proven-successful academic opportunities.

Prescribed Approach Using Current Workflow

AEFIS Competency Transcript Workflow

Current Prototype

Prototype Dashboard Widget for Students

Prototype Dashboard Widget for Students

Prototype Outcomes Transcript Sample

Prototype Competency Transcript

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