AEFIS for Administrators

Various stakeholders constantly demand data that requires tapping on the shoulders of several colleagues across campus. The siloed culture of many campuses makes exchange of data even more challenging, especially when workflows vary from unit to unit.

AEFIS provides the flexibility for units to develop workflows independently that can fit into the bigger university picture. Administrators at the Department, College, and University levels can access the information they need to share with stakeholders.

How we help Administrators

Reports are available to let you know how you’re doing on various assessment activities around your university or academic unit. Your user specific dashboard will provide a snapshot of current initiatives with links to access more information quickly. The spectrum of assessment activities organized in AEFIS is broad to include:

  • Indirect Assessment: Student Course Evaluations (Pre, Mid, and Post Course Surveying Opportunities)
  • Direct Assessment: Student Performance on Activities Mapped to Student Learning Outcomes

Distributing and archiving information should be the easy part of assessment. AEFIS directs all stakeholders to information relevant to their activities using a single web-based platform. Administrators, removed from classrooms, can easily access syllabus information for any course section using the Course Catalog and Syllabi Management Tools.

  • Maintain Course Objectives to be incorporated in all course sections
  • Customize syllabus templates to work for you and your instructors
  • Export syllabi in additional custom formats to meet accreditors’ self-study requirements
  • Direct students to the active archive of syllabi to facilitate educated decisions about course selections

The system engages users across campus. You are always looking for mechanisms to improve system usability and promote faculty engagement. With AEFIS you can automate course evaluation processes by emailing students course section specific surveys according to the enrollment and schedule information provided in your preset data feed. Instead of using administrative time to collect, aggregate, disaggregate, and distribute survey results. After the course evaluations surveying period closes, instructors are automatically notified to take a look at their course sections’ results. AEFIS Survey and Course Evaluation Tools:

  • Provide opportunities to identify key metrics to monitor on each survey
  • Automate distribution of feedback to instructors to release results in real time
  • Minimize data collection efforts to maximize time spent on analytics and application of data
  • Explore how instructors are using feedback to successfully improve course delivery

Develop student learning outcomes and map them to educational experiences. Advance your university to the culture of evidence based instruction and learning. Assessing student performance on individual and aggregate bases provides avenues to apply evidence to curricular improvements. These strategies become applicable across campus when using the Outcomes Management and Program Design Tools.

  • Organize programs in relationship to your student learning outcomes
  • Create outcomes hierarchies that articulate university, unit, program and course goals
  • Assess once and report many times within your outcomes hierarchies
  • Share your assessment plans with students, instructors, and accrediting stakeholders

How can AEFIS help you? Let's explore!