AEFIS for Institutional Accrediation

AEFIS automates the best practices in individual student assessment and evaluation in order to enhance curriculum development, and streamline the accreditation processes campus wide.

AEFIS allows institutions to centralize all regional and professional accreditation processes in a single robust system.

How we help Institutional Accreditation

Power_UP_Your_AssessmentAEFIS enables the effective development of strong academic programs across the entire institution. Administrators apply realtime assessment data regarding student learning and teaching strategies to develop curricula with the most appropriate course content and scheduling. Research for such processes can take years and multiple faculty members. Under the AEFIS Solution Platform, assessment administrators manage academic programs and curricula using innovative approaches including the mapping of courses, outcomes, and performance criteria at varying levels across the institution. AEFIS works with institutions to enable effective outcomes based assessment by managing inheritance of direct and embedded assessment outcomes throughout program curricula.

We are passionate about delivering innovations around the use of outcomes and competency based assessments to help improve student and faculty success. The information about direct assessment and other continuous improvement knowledge is typically used for accreditation, but not necessarily help learning decisions by students and instructional strategies by faculty. AEFIS helps improve teaching and learning while facilitating ABET, AACSB, Middle States, SACS and many other accreditation requirements. This approach creates benefits to students and faculty from the direct assessment and continuous improvement activities.

How can AEFIS help you? Let's explore!