AEFIS for Students

Can you really tell how much your students are learning? Are your courses preparing them for their careers? AEFIS can help you find out.

How we help Students

Students expect that higher education is an investment in their professional futures. But higher education is often overwhelming and it can be easy for students to fall into routines. Students tend to complete courses and check them off of their programs’ plans of study, with no particular regard for the connections between courses. Taking courses across campus in siloed units and departments does not help to develop these connections.


Using our student-friendly online tools, they can play an even bigger role in their own education. It’s all about taking charge of their college experience.


  • Become proactive: evaluate courses and give feedback to faculty
  • Access syllabi for your courses or courses you are thinking about taking
  • Take surveys and share ideas: You’ll not only take charge of your own progress but also improve teaching and learning for everyone at your school

How can AEFIS help you? Let's explore!