Plan to help students succeed!

Define, schedule and manage all your assessment activities. Drive toward successful outcomes, ensure consistency, and easily intervene when improvements are needed.

Plan and reach your goals.

Plan with AEFIS

Power up your assessment by importing data from existing campus systems and putting it to work in easy to use planning tools. Create your framework for assessment activities across campus to collect and report on student and instructor successes.

AEFIS is the central platform for academic evaluation and assessment on your campus. Automating cyclical activities will create a sustainable evaluation and assessment process to empower your improvement lifecycle. AEFIS provides features and functionality to create an effective “Plan > Collect > Analyze > Improve” cycle campus-wide.

AEFIS Features to help you Plan

Learning Outcomes & Library Designer

AEFIS Learning Outcomes Designer

Learning Outcome Mapping and Alignment

AEFIS Outcomes Mapping and Alignment

Academic Program Alignment

AEFIS Program Alignment

Survey Designer with Survey Question Library

AEFIS Survey Question Library and Survey Designer

Assessment Scheduler

AEFIS Assessment Schedule

How can AEFIS help you? Let's explore!