Solutions Overview
Imagine what you could do to improve teaching and learning if you weren’t dedicating so much time to assessment data collection.
Stop imagining and start improving with AEFIS.

Power Solutions for Assessment Success

AEFIS is the cloud-based, integrated assessment management platform and all our solutions are included in your subscription.

Curriculum Mapping + Outcomes Alignment
■ Centrally manage learning outcomes and rubrics
■ Align institutional, program and course learning outcomes
■ Visually design developmentally appropriate curriculum
■ Simplify curriculum alignment and review
■ Unique configuration for each academic program
■ Easily revise programs and curriculum maps through versioning
Outcomes Assessment + Evidence Collection
■ Consistent Assessment Data Collection Campus-wide
■ Easy-to-use Forms and Accessible Reports
■ Automated Assessment Scheduling and Reminders
■ Integration with LMS Gradebook
■ Link course assignments to learning outcomes
■ Easy Rubric Based Grading
■ Individual Student Based Assessment
■ Integrated Outcomes Portfolio as Evidence of Student Work with Artifacts

Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR)
— Outcomes Transcript + Competency Portfolio

■ Empower students with evidence of their learning
■ Demonstrate student performance throughout the curriculum
■ Leverage existing accreditation and assessment processes
■ Communicate to students the relationship between institutional goals and their specific disciplines
■ Provide a meaningful way to communicate educational value-add in courses and other educational experiences (i.e. Internship, student life)

Self Study + Accreditation Reporting
■ Streamline self-study generation campus-wide
■ Easy to complete self-study reports
■ Preloaded, customizable templates for the professional and regional accreditation standards
■ Ability to copy paste tables from other sources i.e. MS Word
■ Automatically import existing data from other Solutions in AEFIS
■ Quality presentation output which can be delivered to reviewers
■ Schedule periodic self-study updates and reviews
Strategic Planning + Data Collection
■ Streamline strategic planning campus-wide
■ Track progress using graphical dashboards and built-in reports
■ Support both academic and non-academic units
■ Create both learning and non-learning outcomes, KPIs, and performance rubrics
■ Align strategic initiatives with outcomes
■ Track strategic initiatives, outcomes, their progress, related tasks, timelines
■ Collect updates and feedback on strategic plan items using survey-like tools
■ Schedule periodic status updates and reviews
Faculty Activity + Curriculum Vitae
■ Streamline creation of Faculty CVs campus-wide
■ Create institutional, college and departmental templates
■ Personalize automated reminders to update CV
■ Allow faculty to add intellectual contributions, services activities and professional organizations with ease
■ Build intellectual work library
Course + Syllabus Management
■ Centralize access to course information campus-wide
■ Access current and archived course syllabi
■ Provide students easy access to standardized syllabi
■ Seamless LMS integration for faculty and students
■ Showcase alignment of course, program and institutional outcomes
Course Evaluation + Feedback
■ Automate evaluation and feedback campus-wide
■ Conduct formative and summative evaluations
■ Schedule Beginning, Middle, and End-of-Term surveys
■ Create questions based on specific instructors and course learning outcomes
■ Allow instructors to add questions to course evaluations inside LMS

PLUS other features to help power up your assessment and accreditation success.

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