AEFIS is designed from the ground up to work with your campus systems. Our solution allows you to capitalize information that already exist on your campus.

Integration with Your Campus Systems

Data Import 

Data imports can be accomplished through one of the three integration options:

  1. Automated batch file transfers.
  2. Web services integration.
  3. Any other integration that can be provided through Microsoft SSIS Services.

Data Export 

Export reports and assessment data through Excel, CSV and PDF.


Single Sign On 

AEFIS supports Shibboleth, CAS, LDAP and other authentication services and is also a member of the InCommon Federation.

Additionally AEFIS supports multiple authentications and can be active all at once. Thus different users can be configured to be using different authentication types. In this case, AEFIS can be configured to use Shibboleth integration for credit course students while non-credit students can be authenticated through AEFIS local authentication or any other external authentication system.


Integration with LMS 

AEFIS integrates seamlessly with your learning management system including Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle and more.


Web Services API

AEFIS allows you to send data real-time to other campus systems without the need for user interaction.




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