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Technology of AEFIS

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 5.32.00 PMCloud-Based (SaaS) or Local, Your Choice!

AEFIS is a superior Cloud-based (SaaS) solution platform for learning assessment and continuous improvement for higher education. AEFIS can be hosted at the university or can be hosted in the cloud.


Scalable Architecture

The AEFIS architecture is designed to maximize performance and provide scalability and AEFIS implementation has been made and is continuously reviewed with performance as a major consideration.


Standards Based

AEFIS supports most standard integration protocols and technologies and can integrate to any LMS that supports integration. Our current list of implementations include integration with BlackBoard, Canvas, D2L and Moodle among others.


Single Tenant SaaS

AEFIS uses separate databases and application instances for each client for the SaaS hosted solution. Thus AEFIS data for a university is not only physically separated from others, also different resources can be allocated for the application server or database instances based on the performance requirements of the installation.


Zero Compromise Security Commitment

AEFIS has an established “Zero Compromise Security Commitment” and this program defines security related policies including system level security measures, application level security measures, risk assessment, incident response and business continuity.
Quality Assurance

AEFIS Quality Assurance process aims to maximize the quality of software and service provided to the customer using an aggressive and development team supported mechanism.

The whole QA process starts from the development of the code and integrated into AEFIS SDLC processes. Part of the process is testing of pre-release software utilizing a technology stack representative of typical customer use. This type of testing includes multiple browser versions and platforms as well as hardware (i.e. mobile devices, PCs, etc.).  While a goal of AEFIS during development of new software releases is to provide the best solution possible, part of the QA process is to ensure reasonable compatibility and support of customer utilized tools and technologies.


Multiple Customization Options

AEFIS offers the ability to custom and extend the functionality of its feature set. Typically, AEFIS supports customization in four levels:


  1. AEFIS Configuration: AEFIS can be configured during the implementation process and this configuration is done through AEFIS UI. For example, AEFIS supports the ability to easily customize the terminology utilized throughout the product to fit the more familiar terminology of the University. For example, the term “Performance Indicator” may be used by some Universities to describe a unit of student outcome measurement while another University may refer to this unit of student outcome measurement as a “Competency”. AEFIS can provide this level of terminology customization through configuration. Other similar configurations are possible through AEFIS UI. This level of customization can be implemented by AEFIS or University team.
  2. AEFIS API: AEFIS has an API that provides data or application functionality. API enables retrieve data, update and create data and call business functions with correct access rights. AEFIS API might be used by AEFIS or University team to customize AEFIS or provide additional functionality.
  3. AEFIS DB Access: AEFIS has an open DB design and AEFIS DB is accessible by Universities with read only access. Any data analysis and reporting application can be written using direct access to the AEFIS DB. This type customization is open to University teams and also be done by AEFIS team as necessary.
  4. AEFIS Custom Development: When custom functionality is required beyond the base functionality of the product, AEFIS LLC can provide custom software development services. If required, AEFIS LLC would work closely with the client to develop a plan of action to deliver a successful solution. AEFIS LLC has an extensive and successful history of delivering custom software development solutions. This level of customization can only be carried out by the AEFIS Team.

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