What is AEFIS?

Today, everyone wants more from higher education. Administrators want big-picture results. Faculty want more flexibility and less red tape. Students and parents want their money’s worth. Our unique cloud-based assessment management platform aligns best-practices in assessment and continuous improvement with modern proprietary technology. The result? Superior outcomes across your campus.

AEFIS helps make it all happen.

AEFIS is the Complete Assessment Management Platform

AEFIS_Complete_Assessment_Solution_on_your_campusThe Assessment, Evaluation, Feedback & Intervention System—AEFIS is the web-based assessment management platform that facilitates the collection and application of real-time assessment data. The scalable platform enables the continuous quality improvement of curriculum and fosters personalized learning by engaging administrators, faculty, students, alumni and industry.

AEFIS is a superior SaaS solution platform for learning assessment and continuous improvement for higher education. AEFIS helps bring balance between old school models of accountability and the modern needs for competency based personalized learning assessment. Many Universities struggle to document their success with teaching, and learning, and using real-time information to improve their curricula. AEFIS automates the best practices in individual student assessment and evaluation in order to enhance curriculum development, and streamline the accreditation processes campus wide.


Single Source for Empowering Continuous Improvement

AEFIS commands the necessary accountability for assessment, on the parts of administrators, faculty, students, and alumni and industry, by giving users the complete set of tools in a single software solution to ensure that both direct and indirect assessment findings are mechanisms for continuously improving educational experiences. Integration with your existing campus systems such as Learning Management Systems or Student Management Systems also ensures that your current information resources will generate further value in natively supporting the only software you will need for continuous improvement organization wide.


Many Sizes, Fits All

AEFIS as a platform embraces and supports this change to a culture of assessment—by shifting focus from what instructors are teaching to what students are learning. Highly customizable features manageable by the end-users allow AEFIS to easily adapt to organizational deployments that are evolutionary, as opposed to revolutionary. This results in providing a customized best practices framework for assessment organization wide, while allowing critical variability to accommodate different levels and flavors of assessment activities to easily exist between different programs, departments or colleges.


Thinking Forward

Every university has a distinct mission, vision and culture. But too often, an important part of that culture–the culture of assessment–is overlooked. It’s time to rethink quality in higher education. It’s time to close the loop.

With AEFIS as your partner, you’ll have the tools and guidance necessary to foster institution-wide improvement. It’s all about creating a teaching and learning environment where critical thinking, feedback and analysis are more than just tasks to complete: They’re integral to creating a campus-wide process of continual improvement.


Shift Paradigms. Move Mountains.

So you’ve got mountains of data. What are you going to do with it? And how does that help with accreditation?

Data collection, analysis and action are vital to the health of your academic institution. Managing them efficiently is the key to success. AEFIS works to integrate assessment into teaching practices, so that assessment data benefits instruction. Our cloud-based solutions lay the framework for achieving evidence-based program improvement and accreditation benchmarks.

This new environment addresses the concerns parents and oversight bodies have about the effectiveness of higher education. By engaging students in the assessment process, you’ll invite them to take charge of their learning experiences. Only then can you ensure they’re prepared to compete in a rapidly changing, ultra-competitive global workforce.


Engage. Integrate. People and Systems.

No need to worry about how we play with other technology platforms. AEFIS solutions work with them all and we strongly believe in interoperability.

So let us provide you with the next generation of assessment management platform for your campus: One that brings systems and people together for seamless, efficient and results-oriented tools that will benefit your entire campus.

How can AEFIS help you? Let's explore!